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Nicole Crawford, Ph.D.

I obtained my doctoral degree from the University of Northern Colorado in School Psychology with a focus on neuropsychological assessments.  I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist as well as a licensed school psychologist and clinical psychologist through the state of Colorado. 


I have over 20 years of experience working in the schools as a psychologist and as a brain injury specialist with the Colorado Department of Education.   This experience has provided me with extensive knowledge of school structures and systems as well as special education and 504 laws.  I have taught graduate-level university courses and provide supervision for the next generation of psychologists.  I provide training across the state for school staff who work with children who have brain injuries and other cognitive challenges.  I have also published on how school staff can understand a child’s behavior and provide effective interventions through considering that child’s unique pattern of cognitive strengths and challenges.  

I am privileged to be raising my own amazing children who are adopted and have their own unique learning and behavioral strengths and challenges.   My personal and professional experiences have provided me with a unique understanding of what the assessment and school process is like from the perspective of a parent, school staff member, and a private practice evaluator.  


Please feel free to contact me to talk more about the needs of yourself or your child, so we can determine what type of evaluation will be the most beneficial.